These dogs listed are in foster homes - but they are not currently available for adoption:

Meet Jackpot! Several months ago another rescue stepped up and saved Jackpot from a shelter in NC. His owners had him for 5 years and after 5 years of neglect, jackpot was surrendered with severe ear damage due to years of chronic ear infection and he was heartworm positive. Jackpot is now coming to us because the other rescue could not afford his care. His amazing foster mom actually put him through heartworm treatment, which he completed like a champ. After speaking with several vets and reviewing jackpots medical records he needs a consult with a neurological surgeon to determine if a MRI will be needed before he finally has the much needed surgery to help give him some relief. He will be having the neurological consult on Feb. 6th and we will then know what route we need to go for surgery. And we will post more information then. Here is what jackpots foster momma had to say about this amazing boy: He is 5 years old, neutered, microchipped, HW negative, and vaccinated. He will come with his leash and collar, toys, and blanket. Jackpot knows basic commands like sit, shake, lay down, drop it, kennel, and go to bed/go lay down. We are working on "back up" because he likes to get in the way of the doorway when we are trying to leave to walk him. He is awesome on his leash but beware, if he does get excited he will snatch you down or the leash out of your hand. Once you yell his name he will stop what he's doing and come back to you. He's only done this 3 times and it was because he got excited to see our outside dog. Jackpot is one of the best dogs I've ever been around. He is super sweet, wants to love on you, and loves being rubbed. He is great around all kids of all ages, other dogs, and strangers. He seriously just wants love in all directions. I have a 1 year old pit and Doberman puppy, Jackpot loves them and plays with them constantly. Also, he is awesome in the bath tub. Ha sometimes he will even lay down while I wash him! He loves riding in the car and has "car manners" too. Jackpot is mostly positives except for 2 things: 1. He is 67 pounds of muscle. He will knock/pull you down if you aren't paying attention. He isn't being mean. I just don't think he doesn't know how heavy/strong he is lol. This happens RANDOMLY. 2. He is somewhat possessive of toys. He will take all the toys and put them in his kennel. He's never mean about it but I guess he's just a hoarder of toys 😂. The ONLY toy he is somewhat aggressive over is his KONG. He recently got this toy and I'm thinking he might of had one with his old owners. When I was opening it he was going nuts and knew exactly how to hold it to get the treat out of the middle. The only thing he did was a low growl like leave me alone when the other dogs were trying to see what he was chewing on(there was no treat inside). When I told him no and to drop his toy he listened to me. All in all, he's an awesome love bug. Even though I'm just a foster I really don't want to see him go. So to whoever is interested, be prepared for a life long partner. He will love you on your best and worst days. And I can always count on him to come lay his head in my lap to show me he loves me. You will seriously hit the JACKPOT if you adopt him ❤️🐾

Jackpot has extensive medical.. his total ear canal ablation for both ears will be $4000, thankfully we have raised the funds for the first surgery, but we do need help with the second. Please contact us about donating to his care.