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Our Mission:

"Whether from abusive and neglectful homes, to homes struggling to provide the proper care, New Leash K-9 Rescue takes dogs from all kinds of situations and we make it our goal to find a loving and healthy forever home for each and every one of our rescues."

NLK9 was founded in 2012 based solely on the passion of saving and bettering the lives of animals. Our original goal was to help educate people about the dangers of posting animals for FREE on craigslist, but now our goal is to accomplish so much more. Now we accept owner surrenders from families under any number of circumstances who don't want to take their pets to a shelter.


The free craigslist ads that never seem to cease? We contact them and give them advice on their alternatives, including the option of surrendering their pet to us so that we can help find a safe home. If we are able, we will also try and pull animals out of high-kill shelters before they are euthanized. Animals that have been rescued from abusive and neglectful homes are restored to health and put into any one of the number of foster homes in our network in order to be socialized and recover prior to going to their forever home. 

Many of the animals we rescue are not brought up to date on vaccinations or spayed/neutured, so we will place them in foster home in order to be vetted and networked until we find their FOREVER homes. We utilize the power of social media in order to help animals not only in our rescue, but in areas and rescues beyond our reach, so that animals from all corners are able to find a loving, safe home. 


Our goal is to find our rescues the proper forever homes, by adopting them out up to date on shots, heartworm and flea preventatives, and spayed/neutured (if of age). All adoptions require both a contract, reference check, and a home check. At NLK9, we do everything WE can to ensure that an animal never has to be returned to us, or ANY rescue. 

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